A tea-stall by  the side of the road

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'A tea-stall by the side of the road' marks the beginning of my journey as an author, although I have been an avid blogger, story teller and reader throughout my life. As a  professional artist, I have number of shows to my credit with art sales in India and abroad. I am a management graduate by education and a financial risk consultant by profession. However, my real passion lies in writing, painting and long solo rides on my favourite motorbike. On multiple such rides, this book took shape over countless number of cups of tea at a tea-stall by the side of the road

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About the book

A Tea-stall by the side of the road

'A tea-stall by the side of the road' is a collection of short stories based on anecdotes, folklores and urban legends from all over the country. Presented in first person narrative, these stories are based on actual experiences shared by people with the author.

A tea-stall popularly known as 'tapri' in India, is a place where people gather to gossip, share news and views, as well as tell tales and anecdotes. It is also the favoured place for inspiration for the author for writing the book. Thus the title.

'A tea-stall by the side of the road' is a very good read over a relaxing cup of tea, around the coffee table or around the campfire on a weekend getaway trip. It has stories from all genres including humor, drama, horror and romance. Thus something for every mood and taste.

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